Warum soll es in Schottland anders sein!

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    • Warum soll es in Schottland anders sein!

      Only one in 13 police are on the beat in Scotland

      ONLY 7.5% of Scottish police officers are available for frontline duties despite record recruitment, according to shocking new figures obtained by Scotland on Sunday.

      More officers are on holiday or doing paperwork than are on patrol at any one time, the disturbing statistics from the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) reveal.

      Scotland currently has more than 16,000 police - the highest ever - but a combination of holiday, rest days, paperwork, training, court duties and sickness means only a maximum of 1,200 are directly serving the public.

      Years of mounting bureaucracy imposed by ministers are being blamed by the SPF for the scandal. They claim the 7.5% figure is a theoretical maximum and the true figure is nearer 5%.

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