Sex lessons must start at age five

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    • Sex lessons must start at age five

      Ein Artikel ( auszugsweise wiedergegeben) aus dem Scotsman der vom Thema her auch hier bei uns absolut aktuell ist.

      Sex education lessons should be given to schoolchildren as young as five as part of a bid to combat soaring levels of teenage pregnancy and sexual disease, Scotland's most senior public health doctor said last night.
      Dr Charles Saunders, chairman of the British Medical Association's Scottish consultants' committee, warned that schools were leaving the safe-sex message so late that many teenagers were already exposing themselves to avoidable risk.

      Saunders also called for secondary schools to hand out condoms and other forms of contraception to children from the age of 13.

      His comments are the most radical call for reform of sex education in Scotland ever to be made by such a senior doctors' leader.

      Scotland's sexual health record is one of the poorest in the western world. Teenage pregnancies are on the rise with 9,040 in 2005, the latest year for which figures are available, compared with 8,891 in 2004. Cases of sexually transmitted diseases are also rising. In April to June this year, Scottish laboratories saw 4,715 cases of chlamydia – up 6% from 4,468 in January to March.