Shackelton, da hat White & Mackay wohl eine neue Einnahmequelle gefunden.

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    • Shackelton, da hat White & Mackay wohl eine neue Einnahmequelle gefunden.

      Whyte & Mackay has launched a new Scotch made to honour the famous arctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton.
      The company supplied 25 cases of its Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky to the explorer in 1907. A century later, in 2007 three cases of the perfectly preserved whisky were uncovered, frozen into the ice beneath Shackleton’s base camp.
      [img][/img]The new whisky is the second from the company to pay homage to the man after Richard Paterson, Whyte & Mackay master blender first recreated the frozen whisky as a limited edition.
      However, Shackleton will be a permanent addition, added to Whyte & Mackay’s core range. The 40% ABV liquid uses only highland malts and is described as having a gentle peat smoke. Other notes include treacle toffee, pineapple, freshly baked bread and a finish of praline chocolate and tea.
      Stuart Bertram, head of whisky development brands at Whyte & Mackay, said: ‘This momentous launch for Whyte & Mackay represents an exciting, emerging direction for Scotch whisky.
      ‘With the accessibility of a blend and the craft credentials of a malt, this unique, storied brand is set to bring modern spirits drinkers into scotch as well as providing a new, premium alternative for the blended whisky occasion for those existing Scotch whisky fans.’
      Paterson said: ‘I wanted to capture the essence of Sir Ernest within this whisky. A gentle bite of peat smoke reminds us of the unforgiving place he and his men found themselves in. And, in the same way a successful crew needs time to forge a bond, I allowed my creation time to marry and come together.’
      Shackleton will launch globally, initially available in Global Travel Retail, followed by on-trade and specialist retail in the UK and France in May, the USA in September, as well as key Asian markets.
      The brand has appointed adventurer and environmental scientist, Tim Jarvis as global brand ambassador. Jarvis undertook a recreation of Shackleton’s voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia in 2013, which resulted in a book and documentary.

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