Highland Park bietet Fässer zum Kauf für Inner Circle Mitglieder an

    • Highland Park bietet Fässer zum Kauf für Inner Circle Mitglieder an

      Heute erhielt ich eine Mail von Highland Park mit folgendem Inhalt.

      Highland Park Distillery schrieb:


      Hello [insertNameHere]

      Over the years, many of you have contacted us to ask whether you can buy your own cask of Highland Park whisky. We’re excited to tell you that the answer is now a resounding yes! After two years of planning, we’re delighted to announce our first Viking Soul Cask release.

      Doing things differently
      Instead of asking you, as many other distilleries do, to wait for up to 12 years between committing to buying a cask and finally receiving your whisky, our Viking Soul Cask offer is more immediate and accessible.

      We plan to fill a limited quantity of our iconic and award-winning 12 Year Old single malt (at its vatted strength of 58% ABV) into Firkins and Quarter Casks for a fixed final period of maturation. Spending time in these smaller casks means that the whisky will be able to interact more directly with the wood, resulting in a richer natural colour and more intense flavour profile.

      Each cask will be absolutely unique, revealing its own subtly different character and giving you the opportunity to purchase your own private batch of Highland Park single malt.

      The perfect celebration
      If you’re planning a wedding, anniversary or ‘big’ birthday celebration next year, then having your own personalised bottles of Highland Park would be the perfect way to share your love of our whisky with your friends, family and guests. After all, hospitality is one of the nine noble virtues upheld by our Viking forefathers!

      Register your interest now!
      The opportunity to own a Viking Soul Cask is ONLY available to members of our Inner Circle. To find out more, please click on the link below and register your interest. Initial registration closes at midnight (UK time) on 31st May 2018.

      Was haltet ihr davon?
      Suche sehr günstiges aber gutes Whisky-Fass zum Basteln (Fass-Bar). 8) Mission Impossible? Oder kann hier wer aushelfen? :whistling:

    • HP - Homepage schrieb:


      What are the sizes of the two cask types?
      A Firkin is 40 litres and a Quarter Cask is 125 litres.
      How many bottles would I get from the two cask types?
      This will depend on the out-turn of the specific cask but a Firkin will typically yield a minimum of 50 70cl bottles while a Quarter Cask will typically yield a minimum of 140 bottles.
      What type of wood will be used for the casks? Do I have a choice?
      All Firkins and Quarter Casks will be sherry seasoned American oak. We are not able to offer the option of choosing different types of wood at this stage.
      What strength will the casks be filled at?
      Both the Firkins and the Quarter Casks will be filled with our 12 Year Old single malt at vatted strength of 58% ABV for a fixed final period of maturation.
      Is this Cask Strength?
      Yes it is.
      How much will it be to buy a Firkin or Quarter Cask?
      The total UK price will be £5,250 for a Firkin and £15,500 for a Quarter Cask, including delivery to one UK address.
      5250 / 50 bottles = 105€ pro Flasche
      15500 / 140 bottles = 110€ pro Flasche