OT Neuheiten 2010 (2 x MoS Port Charlotte, MoS Glengoyne, Wemyss Tropical Spice,Longmorn)

    • OT Neuheiten 2010 (2 x MoS Port Charlotte, MoS Glengoyne, Wemyss Tropical Spice,Longmorn)


      nachdem der Postbote heute 2 Pakete gebracht hat, hier mein erstes OT:

      1. Malts of Scotland Port Charlotte Sherry 2001/2010 61,6 %
      2. Malts of Scotland Port Charlotte Borbon 2001/2010 60,2 %
      3. Malts of Scotland Glengoyne Sherry Hogshead1998/2010 54,8 %
      4. Wemyss "TROPICAL SPICE", (Ardmore 19) 59,4 %
      5. Single Malts of Scotland Longmorn 19 years 54,4 %

      Das Set mit je 5 cl kostet 30,25 € + 2,20 € Porto
      Das Set mit je 10cl kostet 60 € + 4 € Porto

      Infos zum "TROPICAL SPICE":
      Zitat RMW: A single cask from Dalmore distillery, this is our highest scoring whisky from our staff tasting for at least a year. A solid gold single malt.
      Staff Tasting Notes
      Nose: Complex! Honey-glazed baklava, fresh plums, maraschino cherries, Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut, Demerara sugar (rum-like), apples, mango, dried dates and figs, a very juicy effect with a hint of cayenne powder. Opens up slight with water, becomes fruitier (watermelon, pineapple, apple, papaya, star fruit, pomegranates).
      Palate: Very rich, prickle of toasted oak and cinnamon, leathery mouth feel, much of the palate resembles the nose as plums, pineapple, dates and figs are readily apparent, as if you mashed an entire pack of Fruit Gums into your mouth at once, sweet digestive biscuits, watermelon and pineapple – both in taste and juiciness. With the addition of water, tropical effect pierces the sweetness, a light citrus effect, sour star fruit, green papaya, fresh green bananas, the mouth feel softer and juicier than before.
      Finish: Long, satisfying and warm, very succulent, perfect for the end of a long day – raises the spirit (pun definitely intended).
      Comments: Wonderful dram, everything tasted so far pales in comparison. This is by far our favourite dram tasted this year and possibly last year too!

      Infos zum Longmorn:

      Zitat Serge:

      Longmorn 19 yo 1990/2009 (54.5%, The Single Malts of Scotland, cask #25003, 219 bottles) Four stars and a half From a hogshead. A rather austere nose, flinty, with lemony notes in the background. Cut grass. Mouth: rich, on loads of oranges and coconut. Very active hogshead! Sweet ginger and vanilla. Very oily mouth feel. A big Longmorn.

      Das Kleingedruckte:

      Dies ist eine private Aktion. Die Teilung läuft in mehreren Foren, es zählt der Zeitpunkt der Eintragung.
      Ich biete keine Garantie, Widerrufsrechte oder Gewährleistung!
      Das Versandrisiko geht auf den Empfänger über.
      Wer dies nicht anerkennen möchte oder unter 18 Jahre alt ist, darf bei mir bitte keine Samples anfordern.

      Gruß Holger


      horlin (+kumpels) 30cl

      Rest: 40cl